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Guangzhou WUX Material Co.LTD,was established in 2009,the development vision is “material technology changes the future”. Focus on the development of radiation curing materials and development of application solutions.We have built over 2,000 square meters of R&D centers,more than 30 researcher at all levels,and dozens of research and analysis instruments.We also carry out technical cooperation with many universities in China,and have obtained more than 10 invention patents and the national high-tech enterprise certificate.


“Innovation is the origin,quality is the foundation”. Stable high quality is the goal of our continuous efforts.For many years of investment in engineering equipment,industrial automation control,Instruments for analysis and testing,and also strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system implementation,we can ensure high quality products.


The company has four sales agencies to serve major markets in China,namely Guangzhou ,Kunshan,Tianjin and Chengdu.Our business covers various types of polyurethane,epoxy,polyester,polyacrylate,functional monomer,hyperbranched,organic-inorganic hybridization,low energy curing,high solid and low viscosity,water-borne UV and so on. I believe there is one for you.


“Create new photochemical effect”,WUX materials is willing to cooperate with you in the field of  radiation curing,and create a win-win situation!