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Bifunctional Polyurethane Acrylate
Main properties: Good adhesion of glass and ceramic, good water resistance and good flexibility. Application: Glass and ceramic UV ink, glass and ceramic UV vacuum plating primer
Polyurethane acrylate Product code: W100-L Active ingredients: 100% Main performance: high leveling and covering power, excellent elasticity and flexibility, good adhesion to metal plating, excellent adhesion to different substrates Application areas: vacuum plating primer, elastic parquet UV and UV nail polish Functionality: 2 Acid value (mgKOH / g): ≤2 Appearance: clear liquid Viscosity (cps at 25 ° C): 13,000 ~ 30,000
W1080T is an aliphatic polyurethane acrylate with excellent elasticity and good interlayer adhesion, which is especially suitable for UV primer for vacuum plating of mobile phone and cosmetic bottle, plastic coating & resilient parquet flooring.
Polyurethane acrylate Product code: W200-E Active ingredients: 100% Main properties: Low shrinkage, good boiling resistance, fast relative curing speed, excellent adhesion to different substrates, good adhesion to aluminized / indium layer Application areas: Particularly suitable for plastic paint (such as cosmetics, mobile phone vacuum plating primer), UV adhesives, etc., can provide coatings with excellent toughness, good interlayer adhesion and elongation at break, and Water resistance and other characteristics. Functionality: 2 Acid value (mgKOH / g): ≤1 Appearance: clear and transparent liquid Viscosity (cps at 25 ° C): 30,000-50,000
W2184 is a bi-functional polyurethane acrylate with excellent balance of flexibility & toughness, excellent weatherability & durability. It can be applied to wood、plastic、vacuum metallized substrate and can be used in ink application with fast curing & low yellowing performance.
W2200 is an aliphatic polyurethane acrylate, it has good adhesion, flexibility and elongation, which is suitable for adhesive, UV transfer adhesive, all kinds of UV coatings.
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