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Nail gel

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Product parameters
Application  Type Product   Features
Base Gel LED  Curable Resin LED9100-4 Good adhesion
Low heat generation
High curing speed
Good toughness
Base Gel LED Curable Resin LED9100-5 Good adhesion
Low heat generation
Fast curing speed
Good flexibility
Base Gel Polyurethane Acrylate W2200 Good flexibility

Good adhesion 

High elongation


Guideline for Base Gel
Product Composition
184 0.21
TPO 0.25
EPD 0.025
HEMA 0.7
W2200 4
LED9100-4 4
96F 0.23
Tegotwin 4100 0.04


Application  Type Product    Features
Top Nail Gel
Builder Gel
LED Curable Resin LED9207 Fast curing speed
Low heat generation
High hardness
Good flexibility & toughness
Builder Gel Polyurethane Acrylate  W2583M High tensile strength

Good hardness & toughness

Excellent weatherability


Guideline for Builder Gel
Product Composition
184 0.2
TPO 0.02
EPD 0.05
HEMA 0.3
LED9207 2.5
LED9346-3 2
W2583M 6
Tegotwin 4100 0.08
Defoamer 0.04
96F 0.12


Application  Type Product    Features
Color  Gel  Builder Gel LED Curable Resin LED9346-3 Fast curing speed under LED/UV light
High transparency after curing
High gloss
Good pigment wetting
High hardness & toughness
Good adhesion between base coat and top coat


Guideline for Non-wipe Color Gel
Product Composition
TPO 0.85
HEMA 2.4
W2430(Soft)/ 9346-3(Hard) 3
W2583M  3
Low viscous Polyester acrylate 3
Defoamer 0.04
Tegotwin 4100 0.06
96F 0.12
Thio resin 1.75
Pigment 2.4
Thixotropic agent 0.3
Inhibitor 0.1



Application  Type Product     Features
Top Nail Gel LED Curable Resin LED9500 Super fast curing
Good surface & through cure
Remarkably reduce PI dosage
 Low shrinkage
Suitable for LED & ink system


Guideline for Non-wipe Top Nail Gel
Product Composition
TPO 0.4
HEMA 1.5
LED9400/ W4600 1.2
LED9207 2
W2583M 7.5
96F 0.08
Tegotwin 4100 0.03
Thio resin 2.4
Defoamer 0.02
Inhibitor 0.12



                                                                                             Nail Gel

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