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New Products
EA6183 is a modified polyester acrylate with fast reaction speed, good alcohol resistance, and good adhesion. It is especially suitable for improving the adhesion to difficult-to-attach substrates such as melamine board、treat BOPP/PET、PVC、PMMA & even glass & metal
EA625 is a special modified polyester acrylate, it is specifically designed for difficultto-adhere substrate. With excellent adhesion property, EA625 can be used for PET、 Treated PP、Treated PE、PMMA & PBT, and especially suitable to be applied to wide range of PP substrates with enhancement of chlorinated PP water. EA625 has no side effect to metallization while using as vacuum metallization basecoat.
EA8272 is a polyester acrylate with excellent adhesion to plastics、metals & glass. It can be used for UV/LED nail gel、UV coating & etch resist varnish.
LED9500 is a hexa-functional aliphatic polyurethane acrylate oligomer with high molecular weight and low yellowing index. This product has advantages of balance of hardness & flexibility with extremely fast curing speed, especially under long wavelength LED light. It provides lower shrinkage rate than any other multi-functional polyurethane acrylate oligomers. LED9500 can remarkably reduce the dosage of photoinitiator、 lower down the yellowing、improve the through cure and impact resistance while applying as UV/LED curing formula. LED9500 is suitable for UV/LED nail builder gel & top gel、DLP/LCD 3D printing or LED printing ink.
W2071 is a di-functional polyurethane acrylate, with higher molecular weight、 excellent adhesion、toughness & chemical resistance. W2071 is recommended to use as pressure sensitive adhesive for PET/PET、Glass/Glass、PET/Glass substrates.
W2184-1 is a bi-functional polyurethane acrylate with excellent balance of flexibility & toughness, excellent weatherability & durability. It can be applied to wood、plastic、vacuum metallized substrate and can be used in ink application with fast curing & low yellowing performance.
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